10 Worst Practices by Japanese Companies: The Sequel

In February, in an interview piece with Ishin, Kenji Kushida discussed 10 of the worst practices by Japanese companies attempting to harness Silicon Valley. 

In a second interview piece with Ishin, Kushida discusses a new set of worst practices, discussing the areas in which Japanese firms and Silicon Valley firms might feel disconnect, and suggesting ways in which Japanese firms can better harness Silicon Valley. 

The article (in Japanese) is available online via the link below. 

[続編] シリコンバレーの日本企業は陥る、10のワーストプラクティス


Nikkei Finsum Week 2017

Kenji Kushida participated in the Nikkei Finsum Week 2017 in September. He held a fireside chat with SBI Holdings CEO Kitao Yoshitaka. He also moderated a panel with fintech firms that had experienced and were planning ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and participated in a panel discussion on the future regulation and social issues in a cross-border talk. 

photo3 Fireside_preview.jpeg

New Book Chapter on Blockchain

Kenji Kushida's new book chapter, "Blockchain, a Silicon Valley Vantage on its Potential and Challenges" was published in new book, "The Future of Blockchain: How it will impact finance, industry, and society" edited by Yuri Okina, Noriyuki Yanagawa, and Naoyuki Iwashita.

The book is an investigation of the potential and challenges of adopting a disruptive technology such as blockchain. Experts on blockchain applications explain the concept of blockchain, how it is being utilized in a variety of areas, and its wide-range impact on economy, industry, business and society, based on cases in Japan and overseas. 


The book is part of a NIRA project, and is now available on Amazon. 


Press Conference for the Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit 2017

The Silicon Valley-New Japan Summit 2017 that will be held here at Stanford University is right around the corner. Last week, we held our first press conference in Tokyo, with the heads of JMA and Ishin Group. 

The summit, which will take place at the end of November, follows the success of both the Silicon Valley-New Japan Summit 2016 at Stanford, in which over 50 Silicon Valley startups participated, and over 400 people attended, and the Silicon Valley New Japan Summit 2017 Tokyo this past June in Japan, that saw about 600 attendees. With a growing interest in open innovation from both large firms and startups, our hope is to create opportunities for the exchanging of ideas, and facilitation of collaborations.

The event will be jointly produced with the Japan Management Association (JMA) and Ishin Group, and will be held here at Stanford University.

Article in Japanese


Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit Tokyo

On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, Ishin and the Stanford Silicon Valley – New Japan Project co-hosted the Silicon Valley – New Japan Summit 2017 Tokyo.

The event kicked off with a VIP dinner on Monday, June 26, for our speakers/panelists and supporters, that featured a talk from Kenji Kushida, and a toast from KDDI founder, Dr. Sachio Semmoto.

On Tuesday, June 27, nearly 600 policy makers, startups, VCs, company executives and employees, aspiring entrepreneurs, academics and other interested parties gathered at the Azusa Center Building in Iidabashi. The day began with introductory remarks from Yoshiaki Ishii from METI, a keynote speech from Kenji Kushida, and an introduction to open innovation by Naomi Nagatomi from Fujitsu, and later on by KPMG Partner Hiroshi Kinoshita. During the day we had some great conversations with Nori Matsuda, Ryoichi Togashi from Komatsu, Naoki “Nick” Sugimoto from Honda, and a second keynote speech by the riveting Dr. Semmoto. The program was interspersed with presentations from innovative and exciting startups, including Skycatch inc., DocuSign, App Annie, and Rancher Labs.

We would like to thank all of our speakers, and all of the supporters who made this event possible, and as successful as it was.

On November 28 and 29 we will hold a bigger version of this event at Stanford Unviersity. This event will feature pitches and business matching with over 60 Silicon Valley startups, and boot-camp activities and talks in English and Japanese over the course of two days. Registration page will be ready soon, so we hope you will be able to join us! 

"10 Worst Practices by Japanese Companies in Silicon Valley" Cited In Nikkei Column

Kushida's article, "10 Worst Practices by Japanese Companies in Silicon Valley" published by Ishin, was cited in CEO & Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory Silicon Valley, Hiro Saijo's most recent column in Nikkei (Japanese only). In his column, Saijo discusses the importance of purpose and reciprocity when forming strategic partnerships with Silicon Valley firms. 

The SV Startups 100 Interviews Honda Silicon Valley Lab Senior Program Director, Naoki (Nick) Sugimoto

SV-NJ strategic partner, and creator of the Silicon Valley Startups 100, Ishin, interviewed Honda Silicon Valley Lab Senior Program Director Naoki (Nick) Sugimoto last month (article in Japanese). In the interview, Sugimoto discusses Honda's collaborations with Google and Apple, and the recent announcement of a partnership with VISA, and Silicon Valley startup, Drivemode.

Honda is discussed as a case study of interesting and innovative attempts at open innovation by Japanese companies in Silicon Valley in the most recent SV-NJ working paper.

Harnessing Silicon Valley: 10 Worst Practices by Japanese Companies

In an interview article published by Ishin, Kenji Kushida discusses 10 of the "worst practices" by Japanese companies attempting to harness Silicon Valley. 

The article (Japanese only) is available online via the below link. An English version of the article will be available in the coming weeks.





On Friday, February 3, 2017 the Stanford Silicon Valley-New Japan Project (SV-NJ)  hosted its second ANA Ideathon, co-sponsored by World Innovation Lab (WiL), ANA, and Ito En. This year brought together seven teams of Stanford University students to reimagine air travel before, during, and after the flight experience. The teams had 90 minutes to brainstorm and create their ideas, and then deliver a three minute pitch to a panel of judges from WiL, ANA, and special guest, actor and start-up investor, Masi Oka. Ideas where judged on creativity, feasibility of implementation, team work, and presentation with the winning team received the grand prize of round trip tickets to Tokyo.

Recent Stanford SVNJ Research at the Canon Institute of Global Studies

Further reading on a variety of SVNJ research topics can be found at the Canon Institute of Global Studies (CIGS) website for columns by Kenji Kushida (Japanese only), accessible at: http://www.canon-igs.org/column/network/

The most recent columns include:

  • "The Politics of AI and Robotics: Unexpected challenges for the US and potential for Japanese strength -- towards mutual benefit"


  • "The shock of Deep Mind's artificial intelligence (AI), the shock of US election results, the shock that AI will deliver to employment and Japan's potential in the world."


New Publication: シリコンバレー発 アルゴリズム革命の衝撃

Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit 2016: Activating Silicon Valley Startup-Japan Connections

The Stanford Silicon Valley-New Japan Project (SV-NJ) is excited to announce the Silicon Valley-New Japan Summit 2016: Activating Silicon Valley Startup-Japan Connections, in partnership with Ishin USA and their media project, The SV Startups 100, on Oct 4, 2016 at Stanford University.

The conference is for knowledge deepening, networking, and business matching. We will bring together established Japanese corporations and connect them to Silicon Valley startups. The morning has panel discussions, Silicon Valley startup pitches, and a keynote. The afternoon is a business matching event, with tables of startups to facilitate business development. It will take place at one of Stanford's best large venues, the Arrillaga Alumni Center. Approximately 50 Silicon Valley startups have committed to attend so far, and the list is available at the event website.

Silicon Valley – New Japan Summit 2016: Activating SV Startup - Japan Connections

Date and Time
Tuesday October, 4, 2016 9:00am-6:00pm

Stanford University, Francis C. Arrillaga Alumni Center (McCaw Hall)

Morning Session 9:00-12:10
   - Keynote speaker
   - Panel Discussion 1
   - Start-up Company Presentations 1
   - Panel Discussion 2
   - Start-up Company Presentations 2
Lunch 12:10- 13:45
Afternoon Session 13:45-17:00
   - Biz-Dev Booths with invited Silicon Valley Start-ups
Networking Reception 17:00 – 18:30

The above schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Registration Fee
General Admission: $950/person
To register to attend please use the inquiry form on the event website: http://svs100.com/event_en/#Conference_Contact

NOTE: Registration is free for Stanford University faculty, staff, and students with valid Stanford University ID. Please contact Amanda Stoeckicht at amst at stanford dot edu for further registration instructions and details.

Event Sponsorship
For those who may be interested in becoming an event sponsor, various level sponsor plans are available. For more information regarding event sponsorship, please contact:

Hiro Nishinaka at event at svs100 dot com or by phone at 323-287-7041.