Asahi Shimbun Digital Interview

In a recent interview with Asahi Shimbun Digital and ITOCHU CTC, Kushida discusses how Japanese companies are harnessing Silicon Valley, examples of success stories as well as failures, and some tips for best practices. In the interview, Kushida discusses our mission here at the Stanford Silicon Valley - New Japan Project, our activities including the Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit, and raises Komatsu, Honda, and Sourcenext (all featured in our 2018 Summit) as examples of Japanese companies who have been aggressively pushing forward open innovation initiatives, and are quite active in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

(Kushida’s interview is followed by a discussion between Scrum Ventures General Partner, Tak Miyata, and ITOCHU Techno-Solutions America Director of Business Development, Wataru Matsumoto)

The video interview is available (in Japanese) here