CIGS 4 Part Series on Industry Disruption and Value Creation in the Automobile Industry

In a new 4 part series published by the Canon Institute for Global Studies, Kenji Kushida discusses industry disruption and value creation in the automobile industry.

In the first installation, Kushida looks at Uber. What is Uber, and how has it changed the industry?

In the second column, we examine Lyft’s “Green Mode”, a pilot project announced in February 2019 that allows users to call hybrid or electric eco cars.

In the third column, we look at Tesla. Tesla is often misunderstood in Japan, where it has yet to deeply penetrate the automotive market, as a niche luxury car brand. However, in fact, the growth of Tesla presents a real threat to the existing automobile industry, as it is creating new value in a way that we have not seen before.

In the final column, Kushida discusses Aurora, a company that is being driven forth by its exceptional founders, and is a case study that really embodies Silicon Valley.

Article Links (in Japanese):

1. そもそもウーバーとは
2. リフト(Lyft)のグリーンモードの衝撃
3. テスラの「価値」:競争の土俵を変える
4. オーロラ(Aurora):先陣を切る企業を飛び出した起業家たち