Fintech & Regtech Summit

On September 4-6, Kenji Kushida participated in Fintech & Regtech Summit(FIN/SUM) held in Tokyo, Japan.

He moderated a Fintech &  Regtech pain point workshop and also participated in a panel discussion entitled ” Find the People's Pain Points: How to Be a Leader in the Field of Regtech”. 

The workshop aimed to extract pain points existing on the regulated side, non regulated side, and user side, and find solutions that lead action. This session featured Associate Partner of NTT DATA Institute of Management Consulting, Hachiro Kuwajima, Partner of Atsumi&Sakai, Takafumi Ochiai, Partner of Ernst&Young Shin Nihon, Keiko Ogawa, General Producer of Nikkei Inc, Yasuaki Yamada, Commerce supervisor of METI, Yoshihiko Mizuno, Manager of JCB, Akito Fukushima, and Manager of NTTDATA, Tomomi Terashima.

The panel discussion focused on ”Pain Points” as a framework for thinking about how to apply IT to all areas related to working with governments, and activities supported by legal frameworks. This session featured Partner of Ernst&Young Shin Nihon, Keiko Ogawa, Digital Integration Division Director of NEC, Daichi Iwata, Mayor of the City of Chiba, Toshihito Kumagai, Professor of Tokyo University , Hiroyuki Morikawa

About the Fintech & Regtech Summit

FIN/SUM is a fintech summit and conference that connects the global finance and tech industries while promoting disruptive innovation across the globe. It grew to be the largest and most influential fintech summit in Japan and one of the largest in Asia and globally. 

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