New Abenomics Chapter in "Japan Decides 2017: The Japanese General Election"

In a new chapter now available in the book,  "Japan Decides 2017: The Japanese General Election", Kenji Kushida evaluates the Abenomics Third Arrow from a Silicon Valley perspective. 

Table of Contents available below.


Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction, by Robert J. Pekkanen, Steven R. Reed, Ethan Scheiner and Daniel M. Smith
2. Japanese Politics Between 2014 and 2017: The Search for an Opposition Party in the Age of Abe, by Robert J. Pekkanen and Steven R. Reed
3. The 2017 Election Results: An Earthquake, a Typhoon, and another Landslide, by Ethan Scheiner, Daniel M. Smith and Michael F. Thies

Part II. Political Parties
4. Komeito 2017: New Complications, by Axel Klein and Levi McLaughlin
5. The Opposition: From Third Party Back to Third Force, by Robert J. Pekkanen and Steven R. Reed
6. The JCP: A Perpetual Spoiler?, by Ko Maeda

Part III. Campaign and Issues
7. Scandals during the Abe Administrations, by Matthew Carlson and Steve R. Reed
8. Public Opinion and the Abe Cabinet: Alternating Valence and Position Issues, by Yukio Maeda
9. Survey of Candidates' Policy Preferences, by Kiichiro Arai and Miwa Nakajo
10. Party Competition and the Electoral Rules, by Kuniaki Nemoto
11. Persistence of Women's Under-representation, by Mari Miura
12. Does Japan want to Build a Wall Too? Immigration and the 2017 General Election in Japan, by Michael Strausz
13. Inequality and the 2017 Election: Decreasing Dominance of Abenomics and Regional Revitalization, by David Chiavacci
14. The First Two Arrows of Abenomincs: Monetary and Fiscal Politics in the 2017 Snap Election, by Saori Katada and Gabrielle Cheung
15. Abenomics Third Arrow: Fostering Competitiveness?, by Kenji E. Kushida
16. Constitutional Revision in the 2017 Election, by Kenneth Mori McElwain
17. The North Korea Factor in the 2017 Election, by Yasushi Izumikawa
18. Foreign Policy, by Sheila Smith